The Start of Femmes Du Monde

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Femmes du Monde was founded in Geneva in 1995 to engage women into sustainable circular economy that improve quality of life.

Create shared added value to engage

The project started in tea plantations and consist of skill up women to create new added value, a simple model that produced better quality and thus better payments for every one engaged.

Instead of helping femmes du monde support the women by creating an ecosystem that allow each women more payments and indépendance from any charity style donation.

For the first time in the world a project engage women at all levels from field workers, factories operators and office managers, to importers, distributors and consumers.

To create such positive circle, the training and skills is the backbone , while health and nutrition will allow women to remain healthy and deliver healthy touch to the tea they collect by hands.

Why women?

Femmes du monde focus on women was based on the logic of impacting the maximum of people and women at the centre point of the house, of the community and the country, is the best vehicle to deliver a sustainable development that can infuse deep into each house and not stay only for the few ones.

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