FEMMES DU MONDE x NIKKEI SHIMBUN: Interview with the Royal Highness of Bhutan

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Femme Du Monde is honored to cooperate with the State of Bhutan, a small kingdom in the Himalayas and the first and only country in the world to have replaced GDP with "gross national happiness." 

Femmes du Monde had the pleasure of helping to organize the interview by Nikkei Shimbun, on July 19th 2019 of His Royal Highness Ashi Pema Lhadon Pem Pem Wangchuck with the theme of women's development and gender equality for women in Bhutan. 

The interview was conducted in the presence of Ms. Maïté Bruneaud, President of Femmes du Monde. 

The princess told the Nikkei newspaper in this interview of how Bhutan has established full gender equality since the 1960s and how Bhutan has been helping women from a young age to emancipate themselves. A real lesson in life from this small country secluded in the Himalayas for all women.