Femme Du Monde Supports Wild Aid

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Pink elephant support African elephants at Tokyo Wild Aid event organized at Mori Building. 

Women commits to Wild Aid in the defense of nature and animal around the world, to protect fragile ecosystems and preserve endangered animal and plant species. Wild AID works with governments and local communities to carry out this positive action and make more difference to our planet. 

During the event , Ms Airi Yamawaki Intriduced campaign to bring awareness about ivory market and its rule to keep fueling the elephants hunting.

Janat tea used elephants covered by pink tissue to transport its teas from the Darjeeling areas and feel responsibility to join this campaign by sharing its purpose to our millions of members. 

Femme Du Monde appreciates the support of Ms. Yoshiko Mori, director of Mori Building Co Ltd, a woman symbolizing and defending the values of the foundation, in the last protests of Wild Aid.